Over 1 200 registered micro and small enterprises, both from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sweden, have applied to the three call for proposals. Following a rigorous assessment procedure and evaluation six companies for the first call, nine companies from the second call and twelve companies from the third call for proposals have been selected to receive a grant.

The six companies from first call – BerDiz Consulting AB, Gračanka, Net-pro, SEO, TBA:PRO and Ultimax, nine companies from the second call – Agromont d.o.o. Rogatica, Rubicon d.o.o., Opšta poljoprivredna zadruga Tarevci p.o., Net Consulting ltd, Rukotvorine, Balkan Star, Srodna djelatnost Technabit Prozor, Krompir.ba and Informatička djelatnost SpacePrint Orašje as well as twelve companies from the third round – Antigravity Music, COX 4, Domaća radinost ”Bihaćka Svijeća”, DIY, ENI-EM, Proizvodno, prometno i uslužno društvo „FAAM“ d.o.o. Vareš, IMB KOMERC, Kliker.ba, Maguba doo, MIA, MSS – Meta Software Solutions, RE:Design and Rupic Group AB – submitted project proposals presenting innovative and commercially viable business ventures. Their business plans contained clear elements of additional development effects such as capacity building, technology transfer and job creation.

The companies will implement diverse projects within industry sectors, ranging from consulting in the field of nuclear power to IT services, such as software development within the field of search optimization. Selected winners span from sole proprietors to agricultural cooperatives with over 1000 members.

The competition during the three calls of proposals was fierce and in the end only 1 % of the applications from the first round, 3 % from the second round and 4 % from the third round, were selected to receive grants. We are pleased to have found companies representing a variety of sectors, well-established enterprises as well as startup ideas, and from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.